Plasma Burning Services

Material Modification through Intense Heat Techniques

Plasma Burning Services

We specialize in a wide array of cutting-edge techniques, including our state-of-the-art Plasma Burning Services. With precision and efficiency at the forefront, our skilled technicians utilize advanced plasma cutting technology to precisely sculpt and shape metal materials according to your specifications.

Whether you require intricate designs, custom parts, or large-scale projects, our Plasma Burning Services ensure accuracy, speed, and exceptional results. Trust us to transform your ideas into impeccably crafted metal creations, delivering unparalleled quality and reliability for all your fabrication needs.

Equipment List

ESAB Shadow DX 3000

Maximum work area 8′ x 25′
Plasma Cutting Thickness: Up to 1″
Positioning Accuracy: +/- .010″
Repeatability: +/- .005″
Maximum Speed: 750 ipm (20000 mm/min)

Assorted Pattern Burners – Single Fuel Gas Torch

Fuel Gas Maximum Material Thickness: Up to 6″