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Fabrication of a Carbon Steel Lifting Lug

At Copelands, our customers have been turning to us to fabricate their custom steel designs for over 48 years.

These carbon steel lifting lugs were fabricated for the shipping/freight of various metal products using our custom steel laser cutting and welding capabilities. The pieces are laser cut and flame cut from thick steel plate, and welded to the customer’s specifications. Our CNC laser cutting equipment can process material up to 1.25” thick and 10’ x 20’ wide. In addition, we also use ultra-sonic and magnetic particle NDE (nondestructive examination) processes to ensure the quality of all weldments.

These lifting lugs are manufactured in quantities of 20 to 120 per order. The average turnaround time of this type of project is 3-4 weeks. At Copelands, our extensive fabrication experience and range of metalworking equipment allow us to serve a variety of industries across the globe.

Fabricated Carbon Steel Slurry Cone for the Mining Industry

When a customer in the mining industry needed a custom carbon steel slurry cone fabricated, they relied on Copelands’ 48+ years of experience in metalworking.

This project required a variety of fabrication services including laser cutting, plasma cutting, sawing, press brake forming, and welding. Our experienced fabricators met tolerances on this project as tight as ±0.060″, with the finished slurry cone weighing over 200 lbs.

At Copelands, we specialize in custom projects and work with our customers to make their designs a reality. We can work with thick, heavy, sheets of steel that are difficult to handle and machine. Our plasma cutting work tables are capable of holding sheets as large as 10′ x 30′, and our CNC saws can process work pieces up to 8,000 lbs. Turnaround time on a project this size is approximately 3-4 weeks for delivery within the US.

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Fabrication of a Carbon Steel Water Injection Ring

Copelands Inc. is experienced in all facets of metal fabrication including custom steel pipe rolling, laser cutting, drilling, sawing, and welding.

This carbon steel water injection ring was produced from A36 Steel plate and 3” schedule 40 steel pipe. This project was produced to customer specifications with tolerances of ±0.090″. It was produced as a one-time project with a turnaround time of approximately 3 weeks.

Our innovative fabrication processes and advanced CNC equipment allow us to produce custom projects without labor-intensive manual machining processes that require extensive set-ups at multiple machines. This saves us time, which allows us to provide quick turnaround of custom fabricated projects at an economic price point. Our facility and equipment are also set up to accommodate heavy steel plates, allowing us to serve a variety of industries.